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Lakeside resident frustrated by coyotes living near house

Posted on 25 January 2018 by admin

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HENRICO, Va. – There have been multiple coyote sightings reported around the Lakeside community in the past few weeks.

The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) confirmed that they’ve had previous reports of coyotes in Lakeside and emphasized that coyotes can be found all over the Commonwealth. Lieutenant Shawn Sears, with Henrico Animal Control for 21 years,  said that sightings in Lakeside have been reported, but none are confirmed, and there have been no incident reports.

In the past few weeks residents reported seeing them on Ingleside Avenue, Penick Road, Fernwood Street, Dellwood Street, Woodman Road and near Glenside Avenue and Staples Mill. Going back a few months, the roaming animals were reported seen off Hilliard Road, Wilmington Avenue and near the entrance to Bryan Park, at Parkway and Westlake. Lt. Sears said that along Interstate 295 and Route 1 in Glen Allen is a popular place for coyotes, as well as part of east Henrico and Short Pump.

Lt. Sears said that they get calls about coyotes everyday, but most calls are actually about foxes, and that people often confuse the two animals.  He also explained that the both foxes and coyotes call back to one another when hunting and the “howling” often attributed to a coyote could easily be from a fox.

Wendy Fletcher had wildlife experts confirm that the animals she has seen near her house are coyotes. She said that there are about six coyotes living in the woods of the vacant property next to her home, which is adjacent to Lakeside, and off Glenside Avenue. She’s frustrated that no agency can do anything to remove the animals, and worried about her pet beagle.

The option she has is to call a  licensed trapper or a critter removal service.

“If someone’s dog was loose out here they would be out here in a minute to get it,” Fletcher said.

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